The Museum Archives

The Ravalli County Museum houses a wide variety of archival material especially suited to the needs of historical researchers. Some of the resources included in the archive are a Vertical File containing an expansive collection of local interest topics that are arranged alphabetically and listed in a searchable database.  Another valuable resource is our old newspaper collection and card catalogue with a listing of obituaries and various topics, which are also included in a searchable database.


Archived Resource Materials

Other archive material includes original documents, certificates, contracts, correspondences, deeds, magazines, maps, historic photos and photo albums, pamphlets, scrapbooks, genealogical sources, a Hamilton Architectural Survey, etc.  A non-lending library of books and other publications of regional interest are also part of our extensive resources.  Members of the Ravalli County Museum & Historical Society are allowed free use of the archives.


Community Archived Photos

Did you know the Museum can archive your photos so they will be available to our community for years to come?

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The mission of the Ravalli County Museum & Historical Society is to acquire, preserve, protect and interpret the historical and cultural heritage of the Bitter Root Valley and its people.