Workshops for Children

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 Saturdays from 10am-12pm

Ecosystems & Artwork winter camp, 2018 flyer

1/27 – Making Clouds:
What does a cloud feel like? We’ll explore water vapors and feel “clouds” with this fun science experiment!

2/3 – Exploring Frost:
Using tin cans, dry ice, and salt, we’ll explore how frost forms in this fun, icy science experiment.

2/10 – I love you THIS much!:
Make beautiful, colorful valentines for everyone you love. Add a sweet treat to your card to show how much you care!

2/17 – Pinwheels & Cherry Trees:
Learn all about America’s first leaders in this fun Presidents Day craft. Make a pinwheel and a cherry tree to take home!

2/24 – Exploring Gravity:
Why can we fall down, but not up? Using paper clips, magnets and string, we’ll experiment with and even try to defy gravity! We’ll also taste a special treat that astronauts eat in space!

3/3 – Going “Batty”:
Bats aren’t just cute, furry, cave dwellers; they’re fascinating creatures! Learn some fun bat facts and and create a bat of your own to take home or to display in the upcoming exhibit: “Illuminating Darkness: Montana Cave Exploration.”

3/10 – Rock On… and on… and on…:
How can you tell the age of a rock? Come to the museum to learn about the unique geology of Montana, and create a model of an aging rock!

3/17 – End of the Rainbow Scavenger Hunt:
Follow clues and leprechaun footprints hidden throughout the museum on this Saint Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt that leads to delicious “gold” coins at the end of the rainbow.

The mission of the Ravalli County Museum & Historical Society is to acquire, preserve, protect and interpret the historical and cultural heritage of the Bitter Root Valley and its people.