Workshops for Children

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 **Every Saturday from 10am-12pm


October 6th~ First Impressions
Create a colorful mosaic of Fall fruits using a simple and easy printing process! Our apple printing press uses styrofoam apple shapes and tempera paint. Come and celebrate the abundance of harvest season as you make a one of a kind apple print!

October 13th~ Creature Construction
Bring to life your own imaginary creature to life using select craft ingredients and a styrofoam egg head! Use your problem solving skills to build a friendly critter or scary monster!

October 20th~ Great Green Globs
Put your safety goggles on and act like a scientist as you mix your own glow-in-the-dark slime from simple ingredients. Be prepared to get messy and freak out your friends as you get in the mood for Halloween fun!

October 27th~ Day of the Dead
Learn the cultural significance of La Día de los Muertos and make your own Day of the Dead poster! Cut out paper skulls and decorate them with vibrant colors, then glue them to poster paper and hang them on your wall!

November 3rd~ Glitter Collage
Have fun with glitter glue and geometric shapes as you piece together a dazzling collage! Incorporate lights and darks and assorted textures to unify your composition and express your own creative, unique process.

November 10th~ Feed the Birds
Your feathered friends will love these nutty pinecone treats made from large pinecones, peanut butter, and bird seed. Take the time to make the birds a yummy treat and they will sing your praises all day long!

November 17th~ Gratitude Book
What are you thankful for? Write it in your gratitude book, page by page, and then tie your book together with string. Share it with your family over Thanksgiving Dinner as you all count your blessings!

November 24th~ Favorite Things
Express your joy for your favorite things and create your own artwork! Use pictures of magazines, bold markers, and glitter glue to make a colorful collage!

The mission of the Ravalli County Museum & Historical Society is to acquire, preserve, protect and interpret the historical and cultural heritage of the Bitter Root Valley and its people.