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Friday, August 4th from 5pm to 9pm & Saturday, August 5th from 10am to 4pm at Claudia Driscoll Park 
Climb inside a giant ball to run, flip, fly and bounce! We will kick off the event with a night of Freestyle nockerball so interested folks can try it out.  Then on Saturday, spend a day in the sun enjoying the hilarity that ensues when teams bounce their way through either Knocker Soccer or Bumper Balls.  Teams will have 35 minutes to score as many points possible.  Teams need a minimum of 8 people with 5 active players during a game.  Players will be traded out to ensure no one gets overheated while playing.

Download a Knockerball Team Sign-Up Form
Download a Knockerball Liability Form

About Knockerball Activities & Games:

Climb inside a huge soaped up ball, run to pick up speed, then jump on a line of tarps and slide as far as you can go!

Knocker Soccer
Knocker Soccer is like a cross between tackle football and soccer. The players kick the ball around a field and try to send it into the opposing team’s goal, scoring points. To protect your goal, you may lunge yourself at someone on the opposing team as they try to get the ball in, throwing them off balance.

Bumper Balls
Two teams face off and the goal is to put every player on the opposing team down on the ground. Once a player touches the ground with their ball, they are eliminated. At the end of each round (five rounds total), the winning team earns the amount of points equal to the number of players they have remaining after all the opposing team are eliminated (two left standing equals two points). Whichever team has the most points after all five rounds is declared the winning team.

Want to be on a team? Give us a call!

Admission (for each day): Adults – $3 |Children under 12 – $1 | Freestyle for 10 minutes – $5. Slip-n-Slide – $5 for 1 slide or $10 for 3 slides | Team price – $25 per person ($200 per team of 8) Admission for players is covered through team fees. Knockerball is not recommended for anyone under 13 years of age. All participants are required to signed a release of liability.



HOMESCHOOLHFAnnual Homeschool History Fair

Date for 2018 To Be Announced
History and fun go hand in hand when the kids from the Bitterroot Homeschoolers gather together, in full costume, to present historical characters for this fun family night.



Let Your Imagination Soar:
Model Kite Building for all Ages

 Date for 2018 To Be Announced  
Welcome in Spring with this FREE family friendly event where YOU get to be the engineer! We’ll provide materials, the plans and some friendly folks to help you build it. When your kite is complete, you’ll get the chance to test the aerodynamics of your creation!


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