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revenue-streamsThere are many ways that you can support our mission at the Ravalli County Museum. Simply writing a check is one way, but you can also give in monthly increments via our pledge program, sponsor an  event, or make a planned gift.

The Ravalli County Museum & Historical Society is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.  Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.


Contribution Types

Donations –  Your contribution  at any level by mail or  at the museum is greatly appreciated and helps provide relevant programming to our community.

Pledges –  A pledge for a monthly or quarterly amount by check or by providing credit card  information to be secured at the museum is a convenient way to contribute regularly over a period of time.

Sponsorships –  A gift to sponsor a favorite event, exhibit, or program activity includes recognition on marketing pieces, brochures, and at the museum.   Sponsorship levels vary depending on the event.  You may choose full or partial support to defray costs according to your  contribution wishes.

Honorary and Memorial Gifts – A contribution in honor or memory of a friend or relative can be a thoughtful way to recognize someone’s life and accomplishments.  Acknowledgments will be sent to you and family of the honoree.

Securities & Property
Securities –  Gifts of appreciated securities may offer you capital gains tax incentives when they have been held long term.  The full market value at the date of the gift usually may be claimed as a charitable deduction.  Please check with your tax and financial advisors.

Real and Personal Property –  Real estate and marketable items of personal property with established values can be given as outright gifts and would be accepted in accordance to our gift acceptance policy.

Planned Giving
You can help sustain the  work of the Ravalli County Museum & Historical Society while maximizing your own financial program through planned gifts.  Many options exist to  allow you to provide ongoing support to the museum that also  provide substantial tax and/or income benefit for you.  Your own financial and tax advisors working with the museum can explore and arrange these types of gifts, for example:

Bequests –  Provide substantial support without decreasing your assets during your lifetime. and may result in significant estate tax savings.

Charitable Remainder Trusts –  Life-income trusts that offer flexibility in financial and estate planning.  You or a beneficiary can receive an annual specified sum as the result of a gift in trust.

Charitable Gift Annuity  – A contract between you and the historical society that provides fixed income for life in return for a transfer of certain assets.


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The mission of the Ravalli County Museum & Historical Society is to acquire, preserve, protect and interpret the historical and cultural heritage of the Bitter Root Valley and its people.