Bitter Root Day May-10-2023

41st Annual Bitter Root Day

Saturday, June 10, 2023

9 am – 1 pm

What is Bitter Root Day?

Bitter Root Day is a festival centered on our state flower, the Bitter Root, and the Salish People.

In 1893, at the World’s Fair in Chicago, people voted for the Bitter Root to become our State Flower. Out of 5, 857 ballots, the Bitter Root won with 3, 671 votes. The Salish revere the flower as a gift from the Creator and its appearance in spring is honored through celebration and feasts (The Bitter Root Valley is the homeland of the Salish Tribe who currently reside on the Flathead Reservation in Western Montana.)

The Annual Bitter Root Day Festival includes authentic Salish drumming, dancing, and singing, free activities for children of all ages, arts, crafts, food and produce from local and out of area vendors, and a special exhibit.

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