Ghost Tours: Evidence

Evidence From Previous Tours

Swirling Red Ball

Just prior to this image being taken, Ghost Tour guests we commenting on a cold pocket of air that seemed to be circulating among the group. Someone said, “did you feel that?” The man who’s hand are shown here, lifted his hands and said, “yes! I feel it right here!” At the same moment, this image was taken. Notice the swirling red, transparent “ball” above his hands.

Image courtesy of Wendy Callahan

Heavy Shadow
Then No Shadow

During the Ghost Tour when this was taken, all guests reported a “heavy feeling” near the elevator. Notice the dark shadow in the upper, left part of the image – there is nothing in that room that could have created the shadow. A photo was taken right after this one that does not contain the shadow.

Images courtesy of Natalie Parks


Early in the evening, during a tour of the basement, one guest made a verbal request, “if there is anyone down here (a ghost) please let us know you are here by writing Hi on the chalk board.” Later on in the evening, when the basement was re-visited, this was found on a dusty chair. It was then that guests noticed that there was no chalk available! Was our ghost trying to communicate?

Image courtesy of Daveda Agee

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Elevator…

During several nights of Ghost Tours, the elevator started acting strangely. When “asked” the elevator would open and the button would flash on and off. This, of course, both intrigued and scared several guests. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the evening for guests to go to the elevator and ask the ghosts to open it. We discovered later in the week that the elevator has an automatic checking system where it (you guessed it) goes up, then down, then opens the door and flashes the button.

What we didn’t understand (and still don’t) is why it would do it on request and why it was usually during the “witching hour” it would happen. Since then, the elevator has been checked out by the maintenance crew and hasn’t exhibited as much unusual activity.

Image courtesy of Matthew Glumac

See one of the Videos.


The word “Orb”, from the Latin orbis ‘circle’, is another name for a round object, especially a disk or a sphere. The majority of evidence captured at the Museum contain orbs.

While no one knows for certain what orbs are, the general consensus among ghost hunters is that an orb is a spirit that has been captured on film. Generally speaking, most orbs are captured during the “witching hour” – typically past midnight or “the time of night when supernatural forces are at their most powerful.” Another theory is that an orb is simply a particle of dust on the camera lens, however, there have been many photos taken in our dusty basement that do not contain orbs while photos taken on the upper floors (which are not filled with dust) during the witching hour, often contain many orbs.

Image courtesy of Matthew

Vegas and Walter

One evening, during the witching hour, the elevator was opening on request. It seems to be an area of intense activity, much more so than anywhere else in the building. In this video, Vegas, who was leading one of the tours. asked Walter to open the door. Want to know more about who Walter was and why he may be haunting the Museum? Buy a ticket! We explain it all prior to the tour!

Vegas and Walter Video

Video courtesy of Vegas Larson

Whistles Near The Elevator

This EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) clip was recorded in the elevator room. You can hear how the team is quietly talking and you can tell that no one heard the whistle while it was happening. It was only later, when listening to the recordings, that Daveda heard the whistle. Research revealed that the tune being whistled is a very old cowboy song.

EVP clip courtesy of Daveda Agee

Ghost In The Clock

One night, we kept hearing music coming from the Director’s office (which was once the Judge’s chambers.) Every time we went upstairs to investigate, the music would shut off. It was coming from a digital clock radio. When the music shut off, the numbers would flash back and forth and the EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) detectors would go off the scales!

Ghost in the Clock Video

Video courtesy of Wendy Callahan

Please be sure to bring your camera and/or camcorder! We will ask you to contribute to our collection of evidence.

Also, feel free to bring your own ghost hunting equipment if you have it.

We have equipment that is shared with each ghost hunting team.

The views expressed during Ghost Tours are not necessarily the views of the Ravalli County Museum & Historical Society, its Board of Directors, employees, sponsors or volunteers.

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