Is the Museum ADA compliant? Yes. The rear of the Museum has an ADA ramp. Inside, there is an elevator for access to the second floor.

What kind of parking is available? The Museum does not have a dedicated parking lot; all parking is on streets surrounding the Museum.

What kind of exhibits do you have? We have four types of exhibits: permanent, rotating, outdoors and virtual. Our outdoor and online virtual exhibits are available 24/7, and the permanent and rotating exhibits on the two floors of the Museum are available during business hours. All exhibits are related to either local or Montana history.

I have an object that I’d like to donate or loan. How can I do that? We love interest in donations of objects! We strive to provide each object in our collection the best storage and exhibition conditions, which limits the number of items we can accept and store correctly. Please call or email the Museum to schedule a time to bring in your object. This will insure that our collections personnel will be available on the day you visit, and can give you an assessment about whether or not the Museum can accept your object into the collection.

Do you provide historical research? Yes. If you are interested in informational research, such as from old newspapers or in locating old photos, please schedule a time to come in and let our archivists know what you are seeking. In some cases your requests can be self-fulfilled, with your research guided by Museum staff. Other times requests are assigned to one of our archivists. Research fees are based on the time devoted to satisfying your request.

What kind of items do you have in your gift shop? We have many history-related books, postcards, t-shirts, original fruit crate labels, old fashioned toys, STEM experiments, Native American jewelry, and more!

What kind of volunteer opportunities do you offer? You can volunteer daily, weekly, or monthly to assist with internal projects. Or, you can volunteer at one of our annual events, such as Apple Day or Bitter Root Day, or participate in the planning and organizing of an event. Please contact the Museum Director for more details.

Do you partner with teachers for classroom lessons? Absolutely! Please contact the Museum Director or Educator to work out the details.

What do you offer for children? Currently, we have hands-on activities each Saturday morning from 10:00am – 12:00pm free of charge! Additionally, we are constantly adding new interactive elements to our exhibits to engage our younger visitors. 

Do you offer discounts? Yes. Seniors, students, military, and children receive discounted admission. In addition, you get discounts on gift shop items and research fees if you are a member of the historical society.

How do I find the museum? From Hwy 93, turn west on Bedford Street and proceed two blocks.

Can you accommodate group tours? Yes. Contact the Museum Director to schedule a day and time.

Is the museum in an historical building? The museum is located in the former Ravalli County Courthouse, constructed in 1900. In 1979, the museum moved into this structure, and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Can I take photos inside the museum? Yes! Photos are permitted, but we ask for no flash photography to protect our collection objects.