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Natural History

Explore the rich natural history of the Bitter Root Valley through this display. The majority of the animals shown here are native to this region.

"New" Playing in the Past: Historic Toys and Pastimes

Sponsored by the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation.  Toys can be central to childhood and imagination.  Homemade, purchased or handed down, however toy come to us, they bring joy, inspire creativity and make memories that last a lifetime!  Many toys give children a chance to practice adult life in miniature, others are educational and some are just whimsical and fun.  

Bertie Lord

Bertie Lord

Bertie Lord was an early local photographer who lived during the Victorian era. This exhibit depicts the life of Bertie Lord and a timeline of photograph technology. This exhibit has been refreshed with new interpretation and biography.  

Children's Exhibit Room

Is currently under renovation.  Stop by our Adventure Series on Saturday Mornings  from 10 to 12 noon, year round.